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Nacirema Essay

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❶That being said, below is an essay sample on one of the topics above to give you a better idea of what is required: The only difference is that they have a more spiritual purpose which allows them to go to greater lengths to fulfill their needs.

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Unfortunately, the Nacirema people believe that this statement is true based on their culture and their belief system. The Nacirema has a rich and an untraceable culture and practice of ritual system that is not common to Americans. In fact their true origins are very mythical. Regrettably from my thought process, a large portion of this lifestyle — the Nacirema practice rituals that I find to be quiet alarming. During the readings of this case study, Body Ritual Among the Nacirema, my heart went out to these people and the more I read the article I compared their experiences to my cultural experiences.

For each paragraph that I read in the beginning, I placed side notes to describe the Nacirema practices that were possibly similar to my culture. I have compared this to that of a dentist, that I have to visit at least every six months. The first encounter I remember as a child going to the dentist about the age of four was very frightening.

The dentist ask you to sit down in the chair, you look up in to this shining light, and if you know anything about God, one may tend to believe that the dentist is the holy-mouth-man because one may have now seen God as one prays for no feelings of pain.

Miner explains that some of the tools that are used by these holy-mouth-men included: In my opinion, the names of these tools may not be exact, however when used by a dentist those tools are still probed into ones mouth; the tools still have a horrifying look; and finally at the end of the appointment, one may leave feeling like they have had a form of exorcism!

In other words, similar actions when compared to dental procedures such as their rituals produce magical powers if the thesis is correct. Additionally during my reading and when counted, there were about 16 ritualistic practices that the Nacirema people partook in. My second perspective stems from the example of: At least once or twice each year, the Nacirema people will visit a Holy-Mouth-Man to get their mouths inspected. He will inspect the teeth, gums, and lips and repair any damage they may have.

This is not like a visit to your local dentist where you can get a teeth cleaning and your cavities filled, but instead is a ritual involving magical powders. The people believe in this practice so much that even if there is no improvement and the decay in their mouth continues to worsen they will still faithfully make their visit to the Holy-Mouth-Man for help. The Nacirema also have a practice that is very similar to a confessional in Catholicism where they must make regular visits to the tribal Listener.

More than likely, the Nacarima rituals that seem to be most interesting to outsiders are their body rituals. These were first brought to the attention of many anthropologists around twenty years ago.

Because ugliness is so ingrained in their culture they only way to avoid disease is through performing countless spiritual practices. To that end, the vast majority of them spend the better part of their day performing these rituals either at the shrine in their home or with a visit to the local priest. The main section of the home shrine is a box where many of the magical potions, powders, and charms are stored.

Many Nacirema believe that if these things are not used they would die. Every day, each member of the family must enter the shrine room and bow before it before performing their own cleansing ritual.

After sprinkling holy water obtained from their Water Temple they can be considered cleansed. However, several times a year they must make their way to the temple for a more thorough cleansing lest they be ostracized by society. However, if you care to look closer at the rituals they perform on a daily basis there is many similarities between what they do and our own body rituals.

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BODY RITUAL AMONG THE NACIREMA (Adapted from article by Horace Miner) In this article, Horace Miner demonstrates that attitudes about the body have an.

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Body Ritual among the Nacirema HORACE MINER Uniaersity of Michigan 'THE anthropologist has become so familiar with the diversity of ways in which different .

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Body Ritual among the Nacirema Horace Miner American Anthropologist, New Series, Vol. 58, No. 3. (Jun., ), pp. Stable URL: The Nacirema Analysis In the journal article “Body Rituals Among the Nacirema” by Horace Miner, the author described the Nacirema's beliefs and customs as extreme behavior that has many unusual aspects (Miner ).

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Free Essay: “Body Ritual Among the Nacirema” Summary In the essay “Body Ritual Among the Nacirema”, anthropologist Horace Miner depicts a group of people. Nacirema Essay Essay on the Nacirema Practices and Their Way of Life It seems strange that in this day and age there are still groups of people scattered about the .